Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

Illuminated display for Lego minifigs and bricks

We're been wanting to show you our latest addition to the multitude of Lego displays we keep finding - the Synas LED light box from Ikea.

It's so cool to display small items - such as Lego and you don't even need to customize anything because it already comes with the lighting included.

Originally I wanted to use it for the The Big Bang Theory set but the baseplate is a tiny bit too wide, so Michael decided to use it for his Back To The Future and Ghostbusters sets. Doc Brown approves.

If you want to get this display at your local Swedish furniture store, search the children's section. ;)

Freitag, 4. September 2015


There is a (fairly) new hashtag in town - #womenintoyphotography.

It was started by Shelly in order to help women in toy photography find each other - not that we mind hanging with them boys but it's nice being able to find other women since we're by far the minority.
While being part of a female minority is nothing to worry about in this supportive and friendly community there are still some things that have bothered me in my life as an AFOL - and even though it has not necessarily anything to do with the Toy Photography Community, I want to write about it briefly.
Some experiences, which I have had not only with Lego but also with other things that are generally considered to be geeky, really make me wish to connect with other women in toy photography and I'm glad this new hashtag might help me.

married. with bricks. is a blog (and an Instagram account) about Michael's (uberhusband) and my life with Lego bricks. We made this quite obvious, I believe. In fact, most of the time it is me who posts to our Instagram because Michael posts Lego pictures on his own account most of the time whereas I don't post Lego on my private / lifestyleblogger Instagram.

So I can tell you, I really am into Lego and into toy photography.
However people usually just assume that it is Michael who actually likes Lego and I'm the one who has to deal with it and that I gave in at some point and agreed to support him.
I don't know why but I get pitied a lot for all the Lego in my life because people assume that it is all Michael's and that it must bother me. When I tell them, it's in fact my Lego, too, they act surprised and I often get smiled at - by the same people who are rather supportive and interested when Michael talks about his Lego. Sometimes it seems that in their head, Lego is still for boys (who became men eventually) and not for girls (who became women). But it is me who announced to tie myself to the helicarrier set the next time I'm in a Lego store.

Sonntag, 23. August 2015


I like recreating sets from TV shows with Lego - I built Luke's diner from Gilmore Girls and I fell in love with the Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory set. My latest addition is the living room from Marshall and Ted's apartment in How I met your mother.
Which TV show would you like to see a brick version of?

It is not 100% precise because I had to use whatever bricks I had but I like it. Of course I built custom minifigs as well - let's have a closer look at everyone.

Have you met Ted? He's widely known for stealing yellow umbrellas. 

Robin is a news anchor and keeps journalistic standards high no matter what.

Marshall plays baskiceball and is obsessed with the paranormal.

This is Lily. She's a painter but most of her fans are dogs.

This is Barney. He is the author of the Playbook and nothing suits him like a suit.

Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory set - with a tiny bit of customizing

We have waited a long time for the Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory set to finally hit the stores. Of course we didn't hesitate very long and bought one right away. We like the set a lot - it's very detailed and has not only seven new minifigs but also a lot of other accessories.

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, it's very easy to recognize the characters and the apartment. For example Sheldon is wearing one of his iconic t-shirts and Amy is in a rather old fashioned cardigan.
If you don't watch or like the TV show, you'll probably not be buying this set - even though it has a lot of amazing details. (I said it before, I know.) I just love the takeaway boxes and it's nice that the friends are together for dinner in the living room.

Since the character of Penny has a different haircut in the latest season of The Big Bang Theory, I decided to give her a little makeover. I removed the long hair and went with the shorter and brighter Luke Skywalker hair which fits quite well. (Don't worry, I had a spare part, Luke is not going bald!) And I gave Penny a well deserved glass of wine - this really should have been included in the set. We all know that Penny loves, needs and deserves wine.

Apart from the lack of Penny's wine glass there was one more thing that we did not like: There are four lipsticks included in the set but according to the instructions they are supposed to be white board markers. This is weird because they are clearly lipsticks - and the wrong color for the writing on the board. So we decided to give three of them to the girls. 

Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

#mayleforkbewithyou: A tale about a trip to Paris - and a fork.

We spent two days in Paris and you might have seen our hashtag for this trip was #mayleforkbewithyou and uberhusband took a series of photos with our sig figs and a Stormtrooper - with a fork.

Today we will explain you what a fork has to do with a trip to Paris:
In 2008 we went to Paris together for the first time and the whole trip was horrible. The weather was horrible, the hotel was horrible, the waiter in one of the restaurants was horrible. Everything was horrible. We hated it. - Apart from a few minutes, when the sun was shining and we had some yummy food and were sitting in front of the opera building.

At this exact moment of not so horrible a Parisian clochard decided to poke uberhusband from behind with his little plastic fork. Of course uberhusband wanted to leave right away but Miriam had not noticed the clochard and his fork and refused to leave - after all it was not so horrible for the first time in days and she was pretty happy with her food.

So here is uberhusband's full series of Miriam (with food) and the dangerous fork of Paris.

Falls Ihr die Geschichte auf Deutsch lesen wollt, könnt Ihr auf Miris Jahrbuch vorbeischauen.

Montag, 8. Juni 2015

Our Toy Photography Session at #sbgatc15 (with download for German speaking folks)

After we had decided to attend the #sbgatc15 blogger camp, we came up with the idea of doing our own session on Lego Photography. Or Toy Photography because it basically doesn't matter what toys you use, we just like Lego best.

While preparing a short presentation, Michael had the idea that we should give everyone a Lego Minifig to take pictures of. So he bought a lot of old, used Minifigs online. (Of course we cleaned them. Some of them were very loved.)

After we had prepared our presentation, we started worrying a bit if anyone was going to be interested in our topic at all - lifestyle and food bloggers are generally not known to take a lot of Lego pics. But we knew that Monika would be there and we know that she loves Lego, so we kept making fun that we could to the presentation only for her, too.

However, not only Monika was there but quite a lot of other bloggers. We gave a brief introduction and then everybody got to build a Minifig and then take pictures. Some stayed inside to take pictures, others went outside right away. We hope everyone had fun and we'll see a lot more Lego pictures in the future. 

If you attended our session (or built a Minifig afterwards) and uploaded a post with some of your Lego pictures, we're very happy if you leave a link in the comments. Thanks for joining us!

If you speak or understand German (or want to look at it anyway), you can download our presentation here.

Nachdem wir uns für das #sbgatc15 Blogger Camp angemeldet hatten, beschlossen wir, eine kleine Session zum Thema Toy Photography anzubieten.  Bei uns sollte sie eher Lego Photography heißen, aber eigentlich ist es egal, welches Spielzeug man fotografiert.

Während der Vorbereitungen hatte Michael dann die Idee, jedem Teilnehmer eine kleine Minifig zu schenken, damit auch alle gleich drauf los fotografieren können. Er ersteigerte also viele, viele alte, und gebrauche Minifigs, die bei uns erstmal ein Bad nehmen mussten. (Einige waren in der Vergangenheit doch sehr geliebt und angeknabbert worden.)

Glücklicherweise kamen auch relativ viele Teilnehmer zu unserer Session und fotografierten nach einem kurzen Theorie-Input von uns direkt los. Danke für's Mitmachen. Falls Ihr einen Post mit Euren Lego-Fotos veröffentlicht habt, freuen wir uns über einen Link in den Kommentaren! Für alle Interessierten gibt es außerdem hier die Präsentation zum Download.

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Kangaroo hunt in Austria - part one: A blogger camp in Salzburg.

Last weekend we attended #sbgatc15, a blogger camp for Lifestyle and Food bloggers in Salzburg. We're not entirely sure whether Michael fits this category but Miriam does. And Lego is Lifestyle, isn't it?

We drove to Salzburg on Friday morning and the blogger camp started with an instawalk through Salzburg on Friday. Of course Michael had our Lego sigfigs with him and took pictures.

On Saturday we attended different workshops and sessions and even got to present our own session on Toy (or well... Lego) Photography. We will upload our presentation and a summary soon - it's just too much information for one blog post. We want to focus on giving an overview of our entire trip and show you some nice pictures of Austria now.

On Sunday we went on a trip to Sonnleit'n Alm, an alp in the Austrian alps where we got to visit a small farm and cheese producer. And of course Lego-Michael was hard at work, too. After visiting the alp, we went to Salzwelten, a salt mine - unfortunately we did not take any Lego pics there because we couldn't take our bags inside. But it was super interesting and fun - especially sliding down the two very big wooden slides.

Thank you to the organizers of #sbgatc15 - it was such a great weekend, both informative and fun! Stay tuned for our workshop and session recap which we will hopefully write soon!

After the blogger camp we stayed on Austria for four more nights - two nights in Innsbruck and two nights in the beautiful Lech valley. Of course we'll show some Lego pics from these destinations soon. 

Spoiler alert: There are no kangaroos in Austria!

Letztes Wochenende haben wir am Blogger Camp #sbgatc15 in Salzburg teilgenommen - auch wenn wir uns nicht so ganz sicher sind, ob Michael zu den Lifestylebloggern gehört. Andererseits... Was könnte mehr Lifestyle sein als Lego. 

Freitags ging es mir einem Instawalk los und natürlich fotografierte Michael fleißig unsere SigFigs. Samstags fand dann das eigentliche Blogger Camp statt - mit vielen interessanten Workshops und Sessions. Wir haben auch eine eigene Session gehalten - natürlich über Toy Lego Photography. Dazu gibt's aber bald einen eigenen Blogpost. Heute geht es mehr um das Rahmenprogramm. Das ging am Sonntag nämlich weiter: Ein Ausflug zur Sonnleit'n Alm und ins Salzwelten Salzbergwerk stand auf dem Plan. Leider gibt es aus den Salzwelten keine Lego-Fotos, da wir vor der Einfahrt in den Berg unsere Taschen abgeben mussten. Lustig war's trotzdem, vor allem das Rutschen über die langen Holzrutschen.

Vielen Dank an die Organisatorinnen von #sbgatc15 - es hat viel Spaß gemacht! Ein weiterer Post zum Camp folgt, wie gesagt, und wir haben auch noch ein bisschen mehr Österreich in der Pipeline. Eins können wir Euch aber schon verraten: There are no kangaroos in Austria!

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

Something like an alternative Avengers story...

Ok, so, everybody was crazy for The Avengers - Age of Ultron, right? Well, I was very crazy about it and even made up my own story before seeing the actual movie... Of course, Loki was not cut out of my version... (How dare they!!!) 
I already posted these pics on our Instagram but I thought they should be included in the blog, too.

Happy Thor'sday everyone!

Iron Man: Where's that army Loki has been talking about? 
Thor: I don't know. He has always had imaginary friends. 

Iron Man: Well, whatever... Do you want more coffee? 
Hulk: ANOTHER!!! 

Loki: If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now

Im Vorfeld der Kinopremiere von The Avengers - Age of Ultron war ich ganz schön aufgeregt und habe mir sogar meine eigene Story ausgedacht. Aus der wurde Loki natürlich auch nicht rausgeschnitten...

Sonntag, 26. April 2015


Fee from feeistmeinname.de (Fee is the German word for fairy) has organized this year an ABC on Instagram (#abcfee2015).
So I posted with my Instagram Profil every day at least one picture which relates to the current letter, with Lego pictures of course.
Sometimes it wasn’t easy to find a good picture for every letter…

Fee von feeistmeinname.de hat auch dieses Jahr ein ABC auf Instagram organisiert (#abcfee2015). Die Aufgabe war, jeden Tag ein Bild mit dem jeweiligen Buchstaben zu posten.
Da liegt es ziemlich nahe, dass ich mit meinem Instagram Profil auch mitgemacht habe, natürlich mit Lego.
Es war teilweise gar nicht so einfach, etwas für jeden Buchstaben zu finden…