Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

Let's do some yoga with the Lego Baby AT-AT!

Don't you just love the little Baby-AT-AT from the Microfighters Set (75075)? I think it's so cute and, just like its big brother, predestined to be brought into very different contexts. uberhusband is already thinking about getting a second one because I really have tons of fun with it.

Today, the Baby-AT-AT would like to show you some of its awesome Yoga poses.  From the Plank pose to the Downward Facing Dog to the Down Dog Split to the Warrior - Baby-AT-AT knows how to yoga!

Eins meiner aktuellen Lieblingssets ist das kleine Baby-At-At (75075) aus der Microfighters Serie. Es ist total süß und knubbelig und genau wie das große AT-AT dafür gemacht, es irgendwie zu zweckentfremden. - Heute zeige das Baby-AT-AT Euch mal seine großartigen Yoga-Posen. Kracher, was das kleine Ding alles kann, oder? 

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