Samstag, 7. März 2015

Introducing Loki (of Asgard) - and the question how many bad puns a Norse God can take.

I've been wanting to have a Lego Loki for a while. You know, Loki, that little brother of Thor's from the Marvel comic books and movies. I like Loki. I know, he's evil and a villain and you're supposed to be rooting for Thor but... Well, I like Loki. I feel for underdogs and in my ever-understanding mind, he's this poor little damaged thing who feels like he is burdened with glorious purpose and wants people to kneel, because he has daddy issues and so on.

I wanted to have a Lego Loki and was being super annoying and got uberhusband to buy the Marvel Quinjet Aerial Battle set (6869) on eBay. He was lucky to find a reasonably priced set and so I received my Loki last week. (I don't care about the jet and the other minifigs at the moment. Maybe uberhusband will introduce them to you in another blog post.) and have been having fun with him  (that is Loki, not uberhusband) ever since. 
The fun mainly involved coming up with stupid puns (that have been there before) including his name and singing songs with Loki-lyrics. In the picture, for example, you can see Kara-Loki at an Asgardian Karaoke bar singing Tell me why? I don't like Thor'sdays. Tell my why? I don't like Thor'sdays. Tell me why? I don't like Thor'sdays... You have been warned: Bad puns! And there are many more to come!

Ich mag Loki. Loki, den kleinen bösen Bruder von Thor aus den Marvel Comics und Filmen. Jetzt endlich habe ich auch einen Lego Loki, da ich lange genug herumgenörgelt habe und uberhusband glücklicherweise das Marvel-Set 6869 zu einem vernünftigen Preis bei eBay gefunden hat. 
Seit letzter Woche bin ich also damit beschäftigt, mir für meinen Lego Loki schlechte Loki-Wortspiele auszudenken und vor mich hinzukichern. Auf dem heutigen Bild singt Kara-Loki für uns Tell me why? I don't like Thor'sdays. Tell my why? I don't like Thor'sdays. Tell me why? I don't like Thor'sdays... Wie gesagt: Schlechte Wortwitze - und ich hab noch viele weitere in der Hinterhand.


  1. Uhhhh, da kann Thor aber kontern: http://noppenquader.de/thorheiten-nothorious-b-i-g/
    Viele Grüße von den noppenquader-Kollegen [DvN]