Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

#mayleforkbewithyou: A tale about a trip to Paris - and a fork.

We spent two days in Paris and you might have seen our hashtag for this trip was #mayleforkbewithyou and uberhusband took a series of photos with our sig figs and a Stormtrooper - with a fork.

Today we will explain you what a fork has to do with a trip to Paris:
In 2008 we went to Paris together for the first time and the whole trip was horrible. The weather was horrible, the hotel was horrible, the waiter in one of the restaurants was horrible. Everything was horrible. We hated it. - Apart from a few minutes, when the sun was shining and we had some yummy food and were sitting in front of the opera building.

At this exact moment of not so horrible a Parisian clochard decided to poke uberhusband from behind with his little plastic fork. Of course uberhusband wanted to leave right away but Miriam had not noticed the clochard and his fork and refused to leave - after all it was not so horrible for the first time in days and she was pretty happy with her food.

So here is uberhusband's full series of Miriam (with food) and the dangerous fork of Paris.

Falls Ihr die Geschichte auf Deutsch lesen wollt, könnt Ihr auf Miris Jahrbuch vorbeischauen.