Sonntag, 23. August 2015


I like recreating sets from TV shows with Lego - I built Luke's diner from Gilmore Girls and I fell in love with the Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory set. My latest addition is the living room from Marshall and Ted's apartment in How I met your mother.
Which TV show would you like to see a brick version of?

It is not 100% precise because I had to use whatever bricks I had but I like it. Of course I built custom minifigs as well - let's have a closer look at everyone.

Have you met Ted? He's widely known for stealing yellow umbrellas. 

Robin is a news anchor and keeps journalistic standards high no matter what.

Marshall plays baskiceball and is obsessed with the paranormal.

This is Lily. She's a painter but most of her fans are dogs.

This is Barney. He is the author of the Playbook and nothing suits him like a suit.

Mittwoch, 5. August 2015

Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory set - with a tiny bit of customizing

We have waited a long time for the Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory set to finally hit the stores. Of course we didn't hesitate very long and bought one right away. We like the set a lot - it's very detailed and has not only seven new minifigs but also a lot of other accessories.

If you watch The Big Bang Theory, it's very easy to recognize the characters and the apartment. For example Sheldon is wearing one of his iconic t-shirts and Amy is in a rather old fashioned cardigan.
If you don't watch or like the TV show, you'll probably not be buying this set - even though it has a lot of amazing details. (I said it before, I know.) I just love the takeaway boxes and it's nice that the friends are together for dinner in the living room.

Since the character of Penny has a different haircut in the latest season of The Big Bang Theory, I decided to give her a little makeover. I removed the long hair and went with the shorter and brighter Luke Skywalker hair which fits quite well. (Don't worry, I had a spare part, Luke is not going bald!) And I gave Penny a well deserved glass of wine - this really should have been included in the set. We all know that Penny loves, needs and deserves wine.

Apart from the lack of Penny's wine glass there was one more thing that we did not like: There are four lipsticks included in the set but according to the instructions they are supposed to be white board markers. This is weird because they are clearly lipsticks - and the wrong color for the writing on the board. So we decided to give three of them to the girls.