Sonntag, 23. August 2015


I like recreating sets from TV shows with Lego - I built Luke's diner from Gilmore Girls and I fell in love with the Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory set. My latest addition is the living room from Marshall and Ted's apartment in How I met your mother.
Which TV show would you like to see a brick version of?

It is not 100% precise because I had to use whatever bricks I had but I like it. Of course I built custom minifigs as well - let's have a closer look at everyone.

Have you met Ted? He's widely known for stealing yellow umbrellas. 

Robin is a news anchor and keeps journalistic standards high no matter what.

Marshall plays baskiceball and is obsessed with the paranormal.

This is Lily. She's a painter but most of her fans are dogs.

This is Barney. He is the author of the Playbook and nothing suits him like a suit.

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