Freitag, 4. September 2015


There is a (fairly) new hashtag in town - #womenintoyphotography.

It was started by Shelly in order to help women in toy photography find each other - not that we mind hanging with them boys but it's nice being able to find other women since we're by far the minority.
While being part of a female minority is nothing to worry about in this supportive and friendly community there are still some things that have bothered me in my life as an AFOL - and even though it has not necessarily anything to do with the Toy Photography Community, I want to write about it briefly.
Some experiences, which I have had not only with Lego but also with other things that are generally considered to be geeky, really make me wish to connect with other women in toy photography and I'm glad this new hashtag might help me.

married. with bricks. is a blog (and an Instagram account) about Michael's (uberhusband) and my life with Lego bricks. We made this quite obvious, I believe. In fact, most of the time it is me who posts to our Instagram because Michael posts Lego pictures on his own account most of the time whereas I don't post Lego on my private / lifestyleblogger Instagram.

So I can tell you, I really am into Lego and into toy photography.
However people usually just assume that it is Michael who actually likes Lego and I'm the one who has to deal with it and that I gave in at some point and agreed to support him.
I don't know why but I get pitied a lot for all the Lego in my life because people assume that it is all Michael's and that it must bother me. When I tell them, it's in fact my Lego, too, they act surprised and I often get smiled at - by the same people who are rather supportive and interested when Michael talks about his Lego. Sometimes it seems that in their head, Lego is still for boys (who became men eventually) and not for girls (who became women). But it is me who announced to tie myself to the helicarrier set the next time I'm in a Lego store.

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