Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

Lego Mighty Micros

The Mighty Micros superhero series has been out for quite a while but so far we didn't have the chance to post some pictures and out thoughts on the blog. Well, better late then never.

There are 6 sets, 3 DC and 3 Marvel, each with 2 minifigures, 1 superhero and 1 villain.
This means you can get quite a lot of superhero minifigs for a fairly reasonable price. Of course the faces are a bit funny compared to the real superhero minifigs but for some photographers they might offer great opportunities. The Mighty Micros also come with short legs but I think those could be easily replaced with regular ones.
Each superhero and each villain comes with an individual vehicle - some are really cool like Hulk's and other ones look a bit silly. (Yo, Cap, what are you doing in a sauce pan?)

Anyway, we think the Mighty Micros series is great, budget-friendly and fun. Michael especially likes that most symbols are printed, only few of them are stickers.

Sonntag, 6. März 2016


We received this new review copy of "MEGA TOLLE MINIFIGUREN" (English title = "I LOVE THAT MINIFIGURE") from the publisher Dorling Kindersley.

This book is very nice for new Lego Minifigures collectors because it gives you a good overview about all interesting Minifigures.
The book is up to date so you find lots of new Minifigures, but also the old ones are shown (for example the first "real" Minifigure, with arms and printed face).

The special giveaways which Lego hands out at fairs like ComicCon or for special VIP visiters of LEGO Idea House were very interesting for me because you hardly ever find detailed information about them.

In case that you know already everything about the Minifigures Series you will not find so much new information, but either way you get this exclusive zombie skater which is a very cool gift in this book.

This book is availabe in German and English (maybe also some other languages).
MEGA TOLLE MINIFIGUREN    ISBN German: 9783831030293
I LOVE THAT MINIFIGURE        ISBN English: 9781465436832

Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Visiting LEGO at the Toy Fair 2016 in Nuremberg - Spielwarenmesse

Two days ago I vistited the Toy Fair (Spielwarenmesse) in Nuremberg, Germany, the biggest toy fair in the world.

Of course I vistited LEGO as well and Carolin Lambert from LEGO press showed me their entire fair stand.

Sorry I could not take photos of all the new products because I had some problems with my camera - and it was strictly forbidden to take pictures of some products).

Let me start with the biggest suprise: We will get this year up to four (4!!!!) Minifigures series, the first one is already released (series 15) and series 16 will come in October.

But we will have two more series in 2016: The first one will be the Minifigures series together with the DFB team (German national soccer team). This series will come in May and it will be only available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
The second suprise is a series together with a (secret) licencee. This set will have 18 Minifigures and will come in June (worldwide).

In July we will also get a lot of Minifigures, but this is a normal set (60134) for about €/$40.
In this set we will have a lot of new clothes, and some new parts, for example a wheelchair and a baby stroller. And obviously 15 Minifigures, one of them a baby.

All superhero fans will be waiting for the Microfighters which arrive in March: This set will have some rare Minifigures, for example Hulk or Catwoman. This Minifigures will have short legs and a bit more juvenile faces.

DC Comics and MARVEL will both have three sets, which include two small microfighters for about €/$10.

For all fans of #wheresyawienerwednesday: We will get a new fantastic set from the LEGO Friends collection (41129 - price and release unknown).

And for all fans of the architecture series: two new sets: the Capitol ( 21030 Washington, USA) and the Buckingham Palace (21029 London, Great Britain). (release date and price unknown)

So far from me now. Yes, I know there is lots more which will come to us in the next year... If you have a question, please leave a comment, I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Montag, 18. Januar 2016

Wait, that's a spaceship?

The TARDIS caused some confusion amongst experienced spacecraft pilots - but one of them just loves any kind of spaceship!