Sonntag, 6. März 2016


We received this new review copy of "MEGA TOLLE MINIFIGUREN" (English title = "I LOVE THAT MINIFIGURE") from the publisher Dorling Kindersley.

This book is very nice for new Lego Minifigures collectors because it gives you a good overview about all interesting Minifigures.
The book is up to date so you find lots of new Minifigures, but also the old ones are shown (for example the first "real" Minifigure, with arms and printed face).

The special giveaways which Lego hands out at fairs like ComicCon or for special VIP visiters of LEGO Idea House were very interesting for me because you hardly ever find detailed information about them.

In case that you know already everything about the Minifigures Series you will not find so much new information, but either way you get this exclusive zombie skater which is a very cool gift in this book.

This book is availabe in German and English (maybe also some other languages).
MEGA TOLLE MINIFIGUREN    ISBN German: 9783831030293
I LOVE THAT MINIFIGURE        ISBN English: 9781465436832

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